About Us

Houston is the most beautiful city in the United States. We might not have gorgeous mountains or amazing beaches, but we do have the most stunning people. What makes our city so beautiful is our diversity. Among other mega-cities, Houston is the only city that does not have a racial/ethnic majority. It is amazing that around our city we can see many different cultures, hear over 145 languages, and eat delicious food from every corner of the world.

Cup of Nations was started in 2010 as a way to celebrate the beautiful diversity of our city. When the world is trying to divide us, we need to come together and be united in celebrating our differences and similarities.

Even though soccer is a big part of the weekend, it is not the only part. During the weekend, we have a FREE International Food Festival as well as a Family Festival for friends and family. We want this weekend about all of us. One Game. One Community. One Future.

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